Sunday, August 26, 2007

Unofficial SIR results at PBP 2007

(Updated April 28th, 2008)

These results were obtained by searching the PBP tracker page for each rider listed on the SIR list. If I have wrongly classified somebody, or you have more information about a rider, let me know, and I shall update this page. The official results, unfortunately, have to come from ACP. There are two extra names: Carole Bernhardt and Ron Himschoot, who both rode with SIR, but did not list SIR as their parent/home club.

40 Finishers, 2 finishers out of time limits (DNQ), 17 DNFs/Unknown, and 2 DNS. 2 out of 3 known vegetarians finished! ;)(Krichman and Wright). SIR DNQ/DNF rate: 32%. As if the distance and the terrain were not challenging enough, the atrocious weather took the fun out of a lot of people, if one were to believe the reports that I have read. The Internet was rife with rumours of riders being allowed to ignore the control closing times as long as they met the 90 hour cutoff, and of 2 to 3 hour extensions to most people to allow them to deal with the conditions.


ANDERSEN ERIK 3415, 24/08 à 11h02 à SAINT QUENTIN (15)
BALKOVETZ SHANE 3317, 24/08 à 16h58 à SAINT QUENTIN (15)
BEEBE WARD 6881, 24/08 à 11h50 à SAINT QUENTIN (15)
BEESON PETER 7475, 24/08 à 14h48 à SAINT QUENTIN (15)
MAXON MAX 7474, 24/08 à 14h55 à SAINT QUENTIN (15)
BLACKER RICK 4900, 24/08 à 15h06 à SAINT QUENTIN (15)
BRUDVIK ROBERT 1496, 24/08 à 01h52 à SAINT QUENTIN (15)
CARTER KEN 1977, 23/08 à 18h26 à SAINT QUENTIN (15)
COX GREGORY 3380, 24/08 à 08h33 à SAINT QUENTIN (15)
DUSSLER WILLIAM 4733, 24/08 à 12h18 à SAINT QUENTIN (15)
HAIGHT RICK 3413, 24/08 à 15h46 à SAINT QUENTIN (15)
HAMILTON RYAN 1485, 23/08 à 14h40 à SAINT QUENTIN (15)
HEINE JAN 1498, 22/08 à 22h00 à SAINT QUENTIN (15)
HIMSCHOOT RON 4774, 24/08 à 16h55 à SAINT QUENTIN (15)
HOWES NOEL 4710, 24/08 à 16h33 à SAINT QUENTIN (15)
HUBER MICHAEL 3360, 24/08 à 11h14 à SAINT QUENTIN (15)
HUMPHREYS KEVIN 6892, 24/08 à 10h30 à SAINT QUENTIN (15)
JAMESON ELAINE 7467, 24/08 à 14h45 à SAINT QUENTIN (15)
JAMESON DON 7468, 24/08 à 14h45 à SAINT QUENTIN (15)
JENSEN ANN 7479, 24/08 à 14h47 à SAINT QUENTIN (15)
JENSEN JAMES 7480, 24/08 à 14h47 à SAINT QUENTIN (15)
JOHNSON PAUL 4770, 24/08 à 16h23 à SAINT QUENTIN (15)
KAPLAN MARTY 3378, 24/08 à 16h28 à SAINT QUENTIN (15)
KRICHMAN KENNETH 3305, 24/08 à 15h38 à SAINT QUENTIN (15)
LLONA JOE 4695, 24/08 à 11h15 à SAINT QUENTIN (15)
MCFALL RAYMOND 3396, 24/08 à 15h42 à SAINT QUENTIN (15)
MCKAY PETER 3300, 23/08 à 12h29 à SAINT QUENTIN (15)
MEERSCHEIDT ALBERT 4685, 24/08 à 16h03 à SAINT QUENTIN (15)
NGUYEN THAI 3358, 23/08 à 11h44 à SAINT QUENTIN (15)
OHLEMEIER BRIAN 1955, 23/08 à 05h42 à SAINT QUENTIN (15)
PIEPER ROBIN 6877, 24/08 à 01h52 à SAINT QUENTIN (15
RICHARDS OWEN 3324, 24/08 à 15h41 à SAINT QUENTIN (15)
ROBERTS MARK 4775, 24/08 à 14h56 à SAINT QUENTIN (15)
RYAN JIM 3339, 24/08 à 09h33 à SAINT QUENTIN (15)
THOMAS MARK 4849, 24/08 à 11h00 à SAINT QUENTIN (15)
TILDEN JEFF 3410, 24/08 à 18h43 à SAINT QUENTIN (15)
TURNER DANIEL 4644, 24/08 à 15h53 à SAINT QUENTIN (15)
VIGOREN ERIC 4642, 24/08 à 16h37 à SAINT QUENTIN (15)
WENNSTROM JASON 4639, 24/08 à 15h48 à SAINT QUENTIN (15)
WRIGHT DUANE 4636, 24/08 à 17h34 à SAINT QUENTIN (15)

***** Finished: But outside time limits (DNQ) *****

BAILEY ALLISON 3312, Sick, 24/08 à 23h35
MUELLNER JON 4679, 24/08 à 20h51 à SAINT QUENTIN (15)

************* DNFs/Abandonné/Unknown *************

ACUFF JAN 6880, 21/08 à 18h43 à FOUGERES (3)
BAROCAN THOMAS 4814, 23/08 à 18h31 à FOUGERES (11)
BERNHARDT CAROLE 4822, 22/08 à 18h20 à BREST (7)
DALTON MATTHEW 4729, 24/08 à 01h35 à VILLAINES (12)
HARMAN AMY 3304, 21/08 à 23h03 à TINTENIAC (4)
MAGYAR ROBERT 3303, a abandonné le 21/08 à TINTENIAC (4)
HOFFMAN CHARLES 3296, a abandonné le 22/08 à LOUDEAC (5)
MARTIN THOMAS 3337, a abandonné le 22/08 à LOUDEAC (9)
MCKEE JAMES 4688, 23/08 à 17h17 à FOUGERES (11)
NORMAN MICHAEL 3359, 23/08 à 16h50 à FOUGERES (11)
NUSSBAUM CAROL 7483, a abandonné le 22/08 à CARHAIX (6)
NUSSBAUM RALPH 7484, a abandonné le 22/08 à CARHAIX (6)
SANDERS JAMES 1482, a abandonné le 21/08 à LOUDEAC (5)
SCHOENFELD MITCHEL 4826, 24/08 à 01h11 à VILLAINES (12)
SMITH DONALD 4655, a abandonné le 22/08 à CARHAIX (6)

TILDEN BRAD 4646, 24/08 à 06h00 à MORTAGNE (13)
- Sacrificed Pedal to brother Jeff.

VINCENT JOHN 4796, 22/08 à 05h58 à LOUDEAC (5)

************* Did not start (DNS) ****************

<<-- end of results -->>

A PBP I was forced to watch from afar, I have learnt one thing: one has to be strong in the face of wind and rain (as I am most often, NOT), if one has to see these events to the end. Riding many days in the rain requires a level of mental toughness that I have to build up to.


Ray said...

Hi Narayan, Thanks for all the encouragement. I made it to Saint Quentin.Pays Nom Prénom Machine Plaque

Track the frame number :

est arrivé le 24/08 à 15h42 à SAINT QUENTIN (15)
est passé le 24/08 à 10h55 à DREUX (14)
est passé le 24/08 à 06h24 à MORTAGNE (13)

Paul Johnson said...


It was a hard ride, I think anyone there would agree. There were a couple times when I thought how bad it was, but was able at those times to fall back on the notion that, well it's just a crappy, rainy ride and we've all been through that at one time or another. I think the riding we do here in the PNW helped us be a bit better prepared for the ride. There were two times at controls when I was pulling out my sopping wet 'blue shirt' to put on and people around me were questioning my sanity. They could not undertstand how a dripping wet garment, put on over a steaming wet rider could be anything but a sentence of death. In one instance I tried to explain that no matter how wet, the wool 'blue shirt' was more a life jacket than a liability.

As bad as people make it sound, really it was a wonderful event. I had a ton of fun and got that good PBP feeling to motivate me toward a new goal for 2011.

I look forward to riding along with you then (or more likely trying to chase you down)!

A bientot

Amy said...

We are not among the DNF er's we consider that we abandoned the quest due to lack of sleep, electrolyte issues, and bad weather. It was terrifying riding through the Ramboullit forrest with all the other riders in the driving rain. I think some of the weather on this ride was more like a November storm then what we normally encounter on spring brevets. Kudo's to all who perservered and I'm so glad I participated in this huge event and hope to be back to complete the challenge in 2011.