Friday, August 10, 2007

Goal Change: PBP to Poor Man's PBP.

Regrettably, my quest to ride P-B-P, ended last night. I sent off a cancellation letter to the RUSA folks informing them of this unhappy event. Mark has graciously promised to help me retrieve my Super Randonneur medal and my jersey. I shall sell the jersey. I do not deserve to wear it.

I have known for quite a while now - maybe a week- but kept hoping that maybe I would get lucky... That hope vanished today when I found out that the USCIS had not yet finished processing applications filed on the 2nd of July. I flunked my final qualifying brevet!

I have decided to do the Poor Man's PBP (unlucky man's PBP ?). I might ride the 400k pre-ride with Peg Winczewski and Dan Fender on August 19th, and then do the 600k on August 25th. I am also planning to volunteer on the 400, the day after finishing my 600.

I have not done anything more than 40 miles since the Tahuya 600, so I better get off my butt, and start riding some. I guess being on the bike is the only to get over my French disappointment.

I wish everyone heading over to Paris, the very best of luck, tailwinds and weather. I shall be eagerly watching you all.

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A said...

We are so disappointed for you Narayan! We had been holding out hope for a last minute break in your luck. How extremely aggravating and frustrating. Your great attitude and ready smile will be missed on the roads of France. 2011 isn't so far away so keep up the riding and don't let the turkeys get you down! Best of luck on the Poor Man's PBP. Amy & Robin Pieper