Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Spring 100k Pre-ride report.

Yes, it is a little late. But I was wiped out from riding it and didn't have time to write it up that night (Saturday), and I volunteered at the Seward Park control the next day. But, I was the guy who rode onto the Freeway! .

It was the best of rides; it was the worst of rides. The hills were constant, and when respite came in the form of a reasonably flat stretch (such as E Marginal Way, or the Alki Trail) it came with the dread of how Eric was going to compress more hills in the ensuing stretches to make up for "lost time". My fears were often proved right. I only got lost twice and added about 5 miles in bonus miles to the process.

Thanks go to Eric for proving that one can be riding 200s all winter long and still stink on a 100k. 91st, the climb away from Lake City Way and Henderson Road, all genuinely kicked my butt. The descent down Fauntleroy was something to remember though. As was "What was the sign before the bridge?". I just had to turn around and take a picture.

Volunteering on Sunday was infinitely more fun. I got there 10 minutes after the control opened. Jennifer saved me by appearing at the control very early, and I saved her by wearing the Blue SIR Jersey that made me easy to identify. Duane brought us supplies, and Eric made us the "junk food" control. Pop, Chips, Pretzels and Cheez-Its; his control probably had nice wine, Camembert Cheese, Clotted Cream and Blueberry Scones (Maggie told me at the pub that they had boiled eggs with custom painting on them!).

I probably bored Jennifer to death. She was great company! This is her first year as a rando but that hasn't stopped her from registering for the RM1200. I saw the fast guys for more than a minute! Duane dumped us to go see a basketball game (he has got this thing for the Huskies). The pub was also cool; as was seeing Allison, Peg and a lot of other friends after a very long time. Since it has been a while, Peg decided to start razzing me the moment she saw me. Mark Jackson, Steve Davis, Theresa Garl, Peter Beeson and Mark Thomas were just some of the familiar faces. Rosie (Albert Webmaster's daughter) completed her first 100k. Congratulations!

A fun way to spend a day with the randonneurs.

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