Monday, February 4, 2008

RIP, Sheldon Brown.

A very sad day indeed... Sheldon Brown, the all-knowing master of human-power vehicles died last night (February 3rd) of a massive heart attack. I never talked to him, but corresponded via email several times in my formative days as cyclist, and he was very helpful, and was a pleasure to deal with.

I also came to Randonneuring via Sheldon's encyclopaedic knowledge. It was also Sheldon who explained in great detail on the touring mailing list, the difference between a brevet and a randonee, and who a randonneur is. He also posted a link to Harriet Fell's 1975 PBP ride report and it was a source of great inspiration.

He shall be sorely missed, as shall be his April 1st announcements.

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