Friday, September 14, 2007

Mountain Populaire results: Scandal

As (countless?) loyal readers of this blog might have noticed, I pre-rode and completed the recently concluded Mountain populaire event with more than 5500 feet of climbing, in 6 hours and 45 minutes. I was immediately inundated with fan mail, all of them congratulating me on my, and I quote, "awe-inspiring" accomplishment, which said readers may also remember, was done using nothing but my middle chain-ring, in an attempt to one-up a certain Mr. Bob Brudvik. News about my pre-ride spread like wildfire, and more riders showed up on the ride than otherwise would have, to witness the terrain that I had performed said miracle over, and possibly also to see me in the flesh.

Readers, I advise you to sit down, as you read the following paragraphs; it just may be better for you.

I am deeply saddened to inform you that my aforementioned accomplishment has been nullified by the decision of the SIR RBA (who shall not be named to protect him from the wrath of my fans) to not ratify my ride on the grounds that it was not completed within time limits. Or maybe it was the RUSA results website. I thought Karl Rove had vanished into the woodwork, but no, he has reappeared as the SIR RBA.

How can this be? Well, apparently there is a way this could be. When this event was entered into the RUSA calendar, it was entered as a 100k and not as a 110k. This means that the time limit for this ride was 6:40 and not 7:xx. When the RBA went to enter this information, the problem came to light. All 4 pre-riders and another rider were DQ'd because of this. Oh well, that stop at Sandy's espresso for muffins and coffee was costlier than I thought.

I would like to counsel patience and forgiveness to my loyal-but-incensed fans; E-mail me if you can hack into the RUSA results database. In his defense, the RBA has promised to enter this event as a 110k next year, so that slowpokes like me can get some breathing room. Safe to say, you shall see my mug at the start next year.

Congratulations again to all the finishers.


Paul Whitney said...

In the words of Agent 86: "Missed It By THAT Much".

Paul Johnson said...


I demand a recount! They must have learned how to tally in Florida!