Thursday, April 19, 2007

Psyched about the Flèche

I begin my quest for my first Flèche this Friday. The ride starts at 3p at Olympia, and I am taking the bus down with Allison Bailey, who is on my team, along with Paul Johnson, Charles Pailthorp and Brian List. All of them are stronger riders than myself, and I shall try my best to not slow any of them down.

The Flèche has the most number of rules per kilometer of riding, and it shall be an interesting experience trying to ride to fill time, as opposed to trying to ride within the time limit.

Route Details:

Start: Olympia, 3p on April 20th, 2007
Control 1: Rochester
Control 2: Winlock
Control 3: Castle Rock (Dinner)
Control 4: Back to Rochester (do we stop at Winlock?)
Control 5: Olympia (Sleep for a couple of hours)
Control 6: Hoodsport
Control 7: Quilcene
22 hour point: Somewhere on Center Road (which owns me)
Control 9: Port Townsend (243.7mi)

This means that we get to navigate some new roads (Olympia to Castle Rock and back) and also some familiar roads (Hood Canal, Mount Walker, Quilcene, Center Road etc). We are going to be doing the minimum distance required, which is 360km. Works for me!

Thanks to Paul Johnson, Brian List and Charles Pailthorp for all the route planning and help and for letting me be on the team.


Paul Whitney said...

Hey Narayan! Should be a great ride - I hope it's going well (he writes from the couch, having finished a cup of evening coffee). I'll look forward to hearing about it on the 400km - and reading about it here.

Allison said...

"All of whom are stronger riders than myself." ?? I beg to differ, Mr. Rocket Man!

Great riding with you.