Tuesday, February 19, 2008

This is February?!!?

Mark Roberts, Duane Wright, Theresa Garl and I rode the Snoqualmie Falls permanent on 02/16, and I must say, we were most pleasantly surprised by the weather. It was nice and warm all the way through. Not a single thing to complain about. Great company, excellent weather, and good scenery. I felt great for all of the ride; the Leschi-North Bend-Leschi permanent that we did towards the end of January probably whipped me into shape. And , I didn't mess up like I did last time. I stayed hydrated, never bonked, but did unlerlube my chain, so I had to borrow lube from Duane.. again!

Mark of course, started an hour after us, and caught us just before the turn onto Old Owen Road, rode with us for a little bit, and then was an hour ahead of me by the climb upto the falls. The three of us had a nice relaxing lunch at the bakery in Sultan, where I polished off a Split pea soup and Vegetarian Sandwich, and a piece of Theresa's left over bread in no time! Gotta get those eating muscles in shape for the season! Mark Roberts ate at the Sub Shop, which is closer in location and faster with their service.

The three of us rode fairly close to each other until just after Carnation, where Duane suddenly vanished, and Theresa who was behind me also vanished. I waited for them for a while, but not wanting to burn daylight, I headed on, and never saw either of them till the finish. I feared the worst! How I missed Duane, I do not know, but Theresa decided to end her ride at the top of the Falls, and rode back, not making the North Bend Control. Traffic near the finish was atrocious to say the last, but I finished just a shade after 6pm - just after Theresa - and Duane finished about 45 minutes behind me, I think.

Duane and I finished in 11hours and change; Mark probably in about 9 hours and change. As Permanents Co-ordinator, I have decided to add a 2 hour penalty to Mark's card for being "Too fast!". Mark of course, completes his R-12 with this ride. Congratulations!

Glorious weather indeed. As good as Saturday was, Sunday turned out to be a better day. I toyed with getting up early and heading to the start to see some folks I had not seen in a while, but decided that a warm bed was more important. :)

Ride Notes

* I ride better in warmer weather.
* Apparently Duane and Theresa ride with me for the "Unwholesome conversation" I provide. Low Blow.
* W Snoqualmie Road is where old appliances go to die.
* Bald Eagle sightings never get old. This time, we even saw a "bird of prey" on W Snoqualmie Road.
* 203 stinks. Especially, in Carnation.
* Mmmm. Split Pea Soup.
* One King-size Snickers bar has 510 calories ?
* Ben Howard Road is great. Each time I ride this, I thank whoever made this possible.
* JW Mann Road must hate my bike computer. On the fritz, again! New batteries?
* The climb to the Falls is still painful.
* RM 1200. Maybe. $535? I guess not
* Not seeing friends on the way back and pondering what I could have done to save their ride is painful.
* Seeing one of them finish is ecstatic!
* The final few miles of this ride are a nightmare because of traffic.
* Next up: Three Rivers (or) Woodinville - Granite Falls.

Monday, February 4, 2008

RIP, Sheldon Brown.

A very sad day indeed... Sheldon Brown, the all-knowing master of human-power vehicles died last night (February 3rd) of a massive heart attack. I never talked to him, but corresponded via email several times in my formative days as cyclist, and he was very helpful, and was a pleasure to deal with.

I also came to Randonneuring via Sheldon's encyclopaedic knowledge. It was also Sheldon who explained in great detail on the touring mailing list, the difference between a brevet and a randonee, and who a randonneur is. He also posted a link to Harriet Fell's 1975 PBP ride report and it was a source of great inspiration.

He shall be sorely missed, as shall be his April 1st announcements.